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  • It's Cold!!!!

  • As many of you in the Corpus Christi area might have noticed, it's cold outside! Weather like this isn't the common thing here in the south. Something that the cold brings me back to is heading to Monterey, Mexico where my family is from to spend the holidays. In my grandmother's house, where we[...]
  • MLK Sale

  • Here's a few of our shots from the MLK sale! These guys all did an awesome job! The day was filled with an awesome joy which every participant brought to the session. We can't wait to get all these pictures done!
  • Check this out! (Film)

  • A few weeks ago I was dogsitting Rebekah's dog Benny. That is when I took this picture. It has so much depth and feeling to it apart from lighting and composition. You might think to your self, "wow that must have been taken with a really big and modern camera." Wrong! This was taken with my Canon A[...]
  • New Year Resolutions

  • We would love for you keep in tune for our "About Us" video coming soon. For now here is a quick preview of our visions for 2014!   [youtube src="" size="span12" clearbottom="true"]