Double Exposure Process

Here’s a quick run through of my Double Exposure Process. At weddings, you have to be ready for anything. There are times when you simply don’t have the time or resources and you just have to make it happen. That’s where we as wedding photographers come in and make magic. (High-five if you know what I mean).

For this certain edit, I was without the advantage of an off-camera artificial light. We carry our 24″ softbox with us but in this scenario the bride and groom were fixing to take off in a few minutes. So I got the next closest thing…

Sneek Peek-30-4

Having the couple stand near a door that opens to a bright day outside does the tick for me. This helped me simulate a white background. After having them in the light I wanted them to be in, I exposed, not for the background or for them, but for a perfect balance that had their faces dark while still blowing out the background.

Sneek Peek-30-3

Then I went to the backyard once I got home and grabbed this photograph.

Sneek Peek-30-2

Opened up in Photoshop, added the layer as a Linear Dodge (Add) then turned down the fill to 80% in order to give it a darker mood, and there you have it! I used two copies of the photograph above to get the leaves just the way I wanted them.







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