Holly and Jake Corpus Christi Wedding

We are so grateful for Holly and Jake. They allowed us to be part of their beautiful wedding! We would like to tease you with some quick edits of these detail shots. Keep a look out for more photos!

Sneek Peek-1 Sneek Peek-10 Sneek Peek-2 Sneek Peek-12 Sneek Peek-11 Sneek Peek-4 Sneek Peek-13 Sneek Peek-14 Sneek Peek-16 Sneek Peek-15 Sneek Peek-18 Sneek Peek-6

Sneek Peek-17

Sneek Peek-21

Sneek Peek-22

Sneek Peek-19

Sneek Peek-30

Holly and Jake Corpus Christi Wedding

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