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For photographers curious about what we use for film I wanted to share what cameras I primarily will be using. They both have the same focal length that gives me the luxury of simply switching the format from 35mm (full frame) to Medium format. I’ll make a separate post on my favorite films later on so you have a full sense of what’s in my bag!

Nikon FG

Sorry Canon users. I have shot Canon for several years (2) but Nikon is still making film cameras and their lenses are backwards compatible. So I may just make the switch. This was a Nikon SLR that was manufactured in the 1980’s. I was able to get a good deal from a man who restores old SLR’s like new. When I got it I was surprised how new it looked and felt. This will probably be one of the last film SLR’s I’ll buy for a good while since, unlike digital, the technology won’t be updated in the next couple of years. Attached is a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 af d.

Photograph-1 Photograph-2 Photograph-3

Mamiya 645 Super

This is a medium format camera. It has the Mamiya Sekkor 80mm f2.8, but that is close to 50mm in full frame (focal length changes because of the different film size). The bokeh on the lense is killer!! It is completely modular and you can get multiple film backs for different scenes whenever you want to shoot different rolls or if you want to reload quickly. If you’re like me and have ever made the jump from crop-sensor to full-frame, you’ve probably notice the difference in quality. Although I still use crop-sensor cameras, I will always pick full-frame over them hands-down. Well, medium format is the next level. It gives you more real-estate which means your backgrounds go out of focus like crazy and the detail is amazing! There’s just not beating it.

Photograph-4 Photograph-5 Photograph-6

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