The Miracle

The Setup

Several weeks ago we had the privilege of being invited to a venue’s open-house. They were kind enough to let us be the only photographers set up a booth and enjoy some of the food and overall atmosphere. Rebekah and I had a blast! We were asked to take pictures of the venue and their staff being hospitable to their guest (which they were extremely). After a night of meeting people and getting to take some flirty pictures in the photo-booth we made our way home with satisfied thoughts.

The Horror

The very next day we decided to head over to a park that we usually go jogging at in order to take some photographs and for Rebekah to shoot her Medium Format Camera. We walked at least half a mile to our desired location and began shooting. At the time, I had my favorite camera bag which allows me to have my lenses right beside me and easily accessible when needed. I usually like laying it on the floor if I’m sticking to only one lens or if I need to be mobile. What I didn’t know was that I had the memory card of last night’s pictures loose in the bag’s pocket. It wasn’t till later that day that I realized.. IT WAS GONE. This is a photographer’s worst nightmare. After we talked to the venue’s event coordinator, who was so gracious in understanding, we thought there was nothing else that could be done. A few weeks after the nightmare, the lost memory card was the last thing on my mind.

The Divine Sleeplessness

For some reason, there were a few nights in which I just couldn’t sleep. I usually fall asleep around 10-11p.m. but these nights I was falling asleep around 3-4a.m. It was really getting to me and my functional health. On top of that we had both gone to San Antonio on an all day trip with our church’s young adult ministry (which was so much fun BTW!). I was drained.

The Miracle

On the night we got back from San Antonio, Rebekah and I had a very sincere and deep conversation concerning our future plans. So much so that I, being the man, decided that we should be having a time of prayer together in our daily evening calls. I wanted to do this so that we can be that much more accountable to each other in our spiritual walk with Christ. It was the first night that I was able to sleep regularly.

The next day we decided to go for a jog at the park we usually go to but as soon as I got there I felt the weight of all the sleepless nights catch up on me. It was then that I decided to simply go for a walk. As we walked around the 2 1/2mile trails, we were talking about our talk the previous night and joking like we usually do all while I was looking down and hoping that somehow I would find the memory card. After a good 30 minutes into the walk, we passed a curve and that’s when I said a very short faithless prayer. “God wouldn’t it be funny if like you somehow allowed me to find the memory card?” I didn’t expect for God to do what happened next.

As we were walking, I wanted to assure Rebekah that I wasn’t ignoring her by looking down and searching for the memory card. So I told her, “I’m sorry love. I’m not ignoring you, I just thought I could look for the memory card.” At that moment, Rebekah stopped walking. She turned around and went walking into the grass, reached down and asked “This one?” IT WAS THE MEMORY CARD!!!!!!!! WE HAD FOUND IT!!!!!!!! I couldn’t contain myself. I started to tear up. The God of the universe cares so much for me that he heard me and took care of such a small need. After all that is what is was, a small need. But doing that for me showed me how big He is and how he loves me.

The Lesson

Recently our pastor has emphasized the importance of prayer, not only in our churches but in our own spiritual walk with Christ. We are so blessed to serve a God who listens to us and cares for our needs no matter how big or how small. This was The Miracle.


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