The Proposal

Eric + Jessica

This is a beautiful scene of a beautiful proposal.

 It all started when Jessica messaged our Facebook page. She was seeking prices for our wedding packages knowing that she would soon be engaged. What she didn’t know was that after contacting us, her sister would give us a call with a clever plan in mind.

Eric , being stationed out of state, flew in Friday night where Jessica was waiting not knowing  about the wonderful preparations that were made by both of their family and friends.

Below is the story unfolded.

The Entrance

Eric drove up to the gazebo where their family and friends were waiting silently. While Jessica was blindfolded, he walked her slowly as everyone watched silently


The Dance

As the music came on and her blindfold came off, they danced in the cool breeze of the waterfront.

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The Proposal

Then, he proposed


She said YES.


We were so blessed to be part of this amazing evening with wonderful people. We’re wishing the best of luck and many blessings for Eric and Jessica!

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